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Smart City

Pavapark works on the intelligent design of the urban environment for the benefit of citizens.

Electric Mobility

Installation, management and integration of Charging Points for Electric Vehicles.

Parking management

Management, profitability, valuation and updating with the most innovative technologies

Purchase and sale of Parkings

Purchase and sale of Parkings

Blue Zones

Management of regulated parking on public roads (ORA).

Crane service

Management and integration of vehicle removal services from public roads.

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The project also includes the integration of the data collected in the Connecta València de la Diputación platform (platform based on Sentilo) The project consisted of the supply and installation of three pedagogical radars for the Chiva City Council, together with the deployment of a server for the extraction process

Today, violence against women and girls is one of the most widespread human rights violations in the world. Ending it requires fighting deep-rooted discrimination and is not an easy task. From Pavapark we show our support for the elimination of all possible forms of violence against women. Pavapark is with

The Diputació de Castelló will invest € 124,320.00 (without VAT) within the contract for the Supply and Installation of a Network of Recharging Points for Electric Vehicles in the Province of Castellón, for which PAVAPARK MOVILIDAD was awarded. This project promotes less polluting electric mobility, and also seeks to territorially