Our CSR model is composed of 4 essential elements, conceived in a coordinated way: corporate responsibility, with people, society and the environment.

Corporate Responsibility
Pavapark is characterized by a business activity based on the stability and continuity over time of its business model. It is aware of the great importance and impact of fulfilling its obligations on the welfare state, so that caution in the analysis of risk diversification, together with innovation in services and stability in employment, are its Main signs of identity. In addition, Pavapark subscribes to the ethical code that governs all Group companies.

Responsibility with people
The company assumes as its own responsibility to motivate the commitment of its team, seeking their professional development and personal well-being.
The diversity equality plan, its annual training plan, the low rates of work accidents, the contracting of services to special employment centers …, are among the actions that are promoted from the RR.HH. area as a sample of the company’s commitment.

Responsibility to society
The Pavasal Group promotes the exchange of knowledge between the world of business and other groups such as Universities and Associations. The group is a member of ADEIT (UVEG), promotes the “Aula Pavasal” of Engineering and Society (UPV) and the Chair of Management of Organizations and Leadership (UCV).

Responsibility to the environment
In addition to its ISO 14001 certification, Pavapark promotes energy efficiency in its facilities, incorporates charging points for electric vehicles in their car parks and encourages the selective collection of waste.