System for the remote control of vehicle access to bounded areas through video analysis and automatic license plate recognition.

Main technical characteristics:

  • Parameterizable system based on the number of access roads to the site to be controlled: vehicle entrances and exits.
  • Cloud web server for remote system management with different user profiles.
  • Control of vehicle stock in the controlled area.
  • Possibility of managing individual license plate white lists for each of the entrances.
  • Possibility of opening the barrier automatically depending on the recognized vehicle.
  • Manual remote opening for action against contingencies.
  • Assistance to users of the venue by direct video call with the control center.
  • Record of access to the system together with the date, time and image of access to the site.
  • Registration of barrier opening mode (manual or automatic) for greater control over the management of the enclosure.
  • Export of access data and white lists for analysis.

Scenarios of use and application of the solution:

  • Remote and centralized management of bounded enclosures, both surface and underground car parks.
  • Integrable with different manufacturers of automatic barrier machinery for vehicles.
  • Rapid implementation and deployment in different types of venues.