Control and management of sports facilities

The intelligent system of access control and management of sports facilities allows to monitor the use made of the facilities by citizens in real time together with their energy consumption and the automation of certain actions related to lighting systems. Additionally, it allows programming alarms to detect abnormal operation of the circuits managed by the system.

Both the analysis of the information obtained and the operation and automation of the system can be managed from the centralization cloud platform. It makes it possible to monitor and act on the circuits managed from a mobile application aimed at maintenance personnel of sports facilities.

Main technical characteristics:

  • Communication of events via GPRS, Ethernet or WiFi to the centralized management platform.
  • Estimation of user flow and total capacity of the managed facility.
    Three-phase panel energy monitoring: active power, reactive power, power factor, voltages, currents, active and reactive energy consumption.
  • Control of lighting and access systems with the possibility of time programming or manual activations from the mobile application.
  • Programmable alarm settings
  • Analysis, statistics and reports of consumption, influx of people and remote access activations exportable from the cloud platform.
  • Mobile application aimed at the manager of sports facilities.

Scenarios of use and application of the solution:

  • Control of sports facilities without supervising employees.
  • Energy savings due to automatic lighting programming.
  • Rapid implementation and deployment in new municipalities.