Road safety

Intelligent lighting system that allows you to regulate the intensity of the lighting depending on the use of the road, thus providing greater energy efficiency at times when maximum lighting is not necessary.

Additionally, the equipment incorporates a presence detector from which it performs the intelligent regulation of the controlled path, monitoring at all times both the use and consumption of the luminaires in which it is installed. The configuration, as well as the analysis of the data generated is carried out from a centralized cloud management platform.

Main technical characteristics:

  • Communication of events through GPRS to the centralized management platform.
  • Point-to-point lighting control, manually, automatically programmed or through motion detection (events).
  • Minimum and maximum adjustable level for each event depending on lighting needs.
  • Compatible with led luminaires that implement DALI or 1-10V Dimming drivers.
  • Active power and current monitoring of each sensorized luminaire.
  • Track use monitoring based on activations of the presence sensor (step counter).
  • Configuration of programmable alarms from the cloud platform.
  • Analysis and reports of exportable consumption from the cloud platform.

Scenarios of use and application of the solution:

  • Increase in lighting power when detecting a user of the monitored road, adapting the light power to the real needs according to its use.
  • Energy saving due to power regulation.
  • Rapid implementation and deployment in new municipalities.