Web industrial estates

WEB Portal to offer a window to the citizen of the services necessary for the revitalization, image improvement and dissemination of the Industrial Estates. Development and start-up creating a structure that can evolve over time according to the available technology and the needs of the sector.

The general objectives that are pursued with the Portal are:

  • Improvement of the Image of the Organization.
  • Build a Polygon Communication tool.
  • Implement a Content Management platform based on Free Software.
  • Position certain services in Internet search engines.
  • Provide common tools to facilitate their presence and interaction through the Internet.
  • Use New Technologies to allow the evolution of the Industrial Estate, offering innovative services.
  • Collaborate in the improvement of the relationship with clients.
  • Developed using the latest technology available in Free Software, as well as the new computer tools that will allow users to have information in a faster and easier way.

Main modules and functionalities:

  • Structure of the Portal based on a generic format that can be adapted to the client’s needs.
  • Searcher.
  • Content Maintenance and Management (CMS).
  • Integration with Social Networks and Web 2.0.
  • Multi language.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The technology used, the navigation structure and the adaptation to the standards used by search engines ensure that the Portal will achieve the highest possible natural positioning for its category.
  • Free software.
  • Adaptive Graphic Design (Responsive).
  • WAI “AA” accessibility.