The BeePark Management Platform integrates the information of the mobility services managed in the municipality to provide the group of agents involved (administration and citizens) with a global solution for the management and visualization of the different municipal services.

Main technical characteristics:

  • Centralized Integral System, which facilitates the treatment and control of the city’s mobility services and infrastructures.
  • It allows the technical staff of the town hall and the farm operators to carry out efficient management for monitoring and control based on the role and activities assigned to them.
  • Control panel: indicators of results in real time with the possibility of direct, clear and easily interpretable visualization
  • Statistics: graphic and cartographic representation
  • Decision-making within the framework of parking policies: performance indicators to help make the right decisions, alert settings …

Scenarios of use and application of the solution:

  • Business Intelligence module: Collect and evaluate different parameters to know the exploitation in detail and at a glance
  • Know the evolution of the business
  • Compare the actual data against your initial forecasts
  • Evaluate service monitoring policies
  • Propose corrective measures
  • Guide in the formulation of proposals for change
  • Generation of Service Reports
  • Maintenance and collection operation technical services:
    • Planning tools
    • Real-time monitoring indicators
    • Service quality indicators.
  • Data entry process oriented to self-control according to the BPM – Business Process Management model.