Manager Control Plus

Complete comprehensive system of the Regulated Parking Service management process, incorporating both the Controller APP and the Complaint Management Web Application.

Main technical characteristics:

  • Parameterizable system based on the characteristics of the regulated parking service to manage:
    • Reasons for violation
    • Report amounts
    • Cancellation times
    • Managed areas.
  • Possibility of operation in warning mode.
  • Digital management of controllers.
  • GPS positioning of the controller for tracking and obtaining optimal routes.
  • Detailed information on the status of each of the complaints imposed, along with photographs of the offending vehicle.
  • Management of imposed complaints: ratifying reports and issuance of remittances.
  • Management of complaint cancellations from a web application.
  • Reporting and monitoring of parking meter incidents managed through the mobile application.
  • Collection management through mobile application and web server.
  • Control of the start, end of the day and special periods of absences.
  • Integration with portable printers with Bluetooth connection.
  • Integration with the main formats of management organizations
    tax of existing sanctions.
  • Solution implemented according to ENS HIGH level.

Scenarios of use and application of the solution:

  • Rapid implementation and deployment in new municipalities.
  • Integrable with parking meters from the main manufacturers.
  • Can be integrated with other control systems: Visual Car.