Smart Park and Ride

Parking lots for cars located on the outskirts of generally large cities, and created in order to encourage drivers to park their vehicles and access the center by public transport.

The P & R, in addition to being a modal exchange center between the private vehicle and public transport (subway, train, bus,…) can also be with other alternative personal transport options to the private vehicle (bicycles, scooters, shared cars,…)


  • Decongestion of cities.
  • Improved travel times.
  • Reduced stress associated with finding a parking space.
  • Less levels of contamination.
  • Cost savings compared to other types of car parks.

Pavapark understands the P & R as a modal exchange center between the private vehicle and other alternative transport options, in which a wide variety of services are offered to users, constituting a true SMART P & R:

  1. Access and occupancy control.
  2. Information to the user.
  3. Electric mobility services.
  4. Smart lighting system.
  5. Environmental quality.
  1. Security.
  2. Management platform.
  3. Advanced Analytics.
  4. Consulting and project management.