Smart Parking

Our Parking and Occupancy Control solutions in Parking Off Street improve the experience of parking managers and citizens. It guides users to free spaces easily and quickly, which translates into a reduction in congestion, pollution and, consequently, a greater satisfaction of drivers and citizens. We offer the most advanced technological solutions depending on the existing problem.

All Pavapark proposals and integrations are fully scalable. We have proven experience in:

  • Optical License Plate Recognition Technology or LPR in Entry / Exit Accesses.
  • Image Analysis Technology Square to Square.
  • Sensing technology in Entrance / Exit accesses or with Plaza to Plaza Sensors.

Success stories:

  • Smart Parking in Calp: “Cul de sac” parking access.
  • Off Street parking control in Alzira.
  • Management of occupation in the municipality of Requena.
  • Control of the occupation of Parkings Onda:
    • Victor Pavilion
    • Cabedo and Parking Castillo.
  • Control of PMR places in Aldaia.

Standards support:

  • Security: Pavapark is certified under the ISO / IEC 27001 standard for Information Management Systems and the National Security Scheme (ENS category HIGH)
  • Communications: The management systems have communication APIs that allow integration with other third-party solutions. The data stored in the management tool can be exported as open data to be integrated into existing transparency portals. In addition, integration services are available with Web Services based on the RESTFul protocol.