Moviltow is a resource management and incident response system aimed mainly at the vehicle removal service on public roads. The system consists of a management web server for use by the service manager together with a mobile application used by the crane driver.

Communication between the web server and the mobile application is carried out in real time, allowing the execution status of each of the managed incidents to be known at all times.

The system provides the following functionalities:

  • Fleet management in real time through GPS positioning.
  • Historical positions for route analysis.
  • Control of the execution status of each of the managed services.
  • Communication in real time with each of the drivers through the mobile application.
  • Detail of each of the services performed:
    • Photographs of the withdrawal
    • Reasons for the offense
    • Place of execution, together
      with times spent on it.
  • Management of stay in deposit and calculation of the corresponding withdrawal fee.
  • Generation of tailored reports based on the needs of the service, such as driver shift closure and warehouse shift closure, with the different actions carried out in each of them.
  • Adveration functionality.
  • Management of remittances.
  • Possibility of integration with municipal tax systems.

Scenarios of use and application of the solution:

  • Resource management.
  • Management of vehicle fleets.
  • Vehicle removal service management.